Curtis Lewis & Associates offers EEO services in mediation, workplace discrimination investigation, counseling, Federal Agency Decisions, and training. The primary substantive focus of CLA is Labor and Employment services for management.  This includes workplace issues pertaining to conflict management, worker disabilities, anti-harassment, diversity and inclusion, workplace discrimination, and mediation.

In the area of Diversity and Inclusion, CLA reviews existing programs, designs, develops and implements agencies’ strategic plans in accordance with agency-wide and government-wide guidelines, conducts surveys and studies,  analyzes data and makes recommendations,  facilitates D&I Counsels and trains managers to manage and monitor agency D&I Plans/programs; integrates D&I into existing training and conflict management training.

In the area of Human Capital CLA analyzes data, conducts organizational assessments/climate surveys, designs and implements D&I strategic plans,  Executive Coaching,  Policy Development, Programs Accountability and Measurements, Workforce Analysis and Strategic Planning.

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