Classroom Training

CLA provides interactive classroom training and workshops in a wide variety of subjects including conflict prevention and management, anti-harrassment, and diversity and inclusion.  Sessions are typically designed for a maximum of 30 particpants per class to foster interactivity and sharing of experiences.  Classes range from 2 to 8 hours.

For busy managers executive briefings can be provided.

General informational breifings are also available for employees.  For example, an organization within an agency may require an introduction to Diversity & Inclusion and its global application –what it is, how it’s employed, it benefits, etc.


CLA provides computer-based training on a variety of subjects such as No FEAR, anti-harrassment, worker disability, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  E-learning provides the particpant with the flexibility to take a program at their conveneince receiving a consistent,vetted message.  CLA recommends this delivery approach when the agency or organization is required to take corrective action and classroom training is time and cost prohibitive (judgments, settlements, etc.); where regulations require that all employees be trained (No FEAR Act,); and to reinforce classroom learning.  CLA’s learning mangement system can issue assessments online and automatically issue certificates of course completion.  Managers can also view and print reports to verify partipants have completed training.   


CLA Webinars is an effective vehicle by which participants can learn from each other, subject-matter experts (Host) and learning tools. CLA webinars allow participants to breakout into monitored groups  that are directed by the host and to collectively return to the large group for additional discussion.  Webinars allow agency peer groups (in some cases cross-peer groups) to broaden understanding of the subject-matter and the practices of the particular agency.

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